Sail the Stars


This is a story game about life, love and politics on the edge of a utopian society.

It contains 5 different and unconnected stories, with 10 characters which are reinterpreted each time. It’s mostly inspired by James Mullen’s The Final Voyage of the Selene and Iain M. Banks’ The Culture novels. Think space opera politics, transhumanism and some family drama and romance.

For portability and accessibility during play, the game is entirely on 72 cards with a colour-coded minimalist design.

The PDF version is formatted for A4 home-printing that can then be chopped up into cards. It’s pretty ink-friendly too, if you don’t add the card backs.

To play a story you need these cards, 3 – 5 players and a few hours.

Purchasing Information


Standard PDF for £4 – This version is for anyone who wants to play it or just look or whatever. No strings.

Meme Vector PDF for £3 – This version is identical to the other version, but by buying it you agree to actually play and talk about the game.

Please wait for the download link to appear at the end of the transaction! 

COMING SOON – The print version, once I’ve checked out the quality of the proof copy.

If there are any issues, then please contact us.

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