Marquis of Ferrara

IntroductionIsabella inks

The Marquis of Ferrara is dead. 


Niccolò d’Este, the Lord of Ferrara, Modena, Parma and Reggio. The bastard son who inherited the beautiful city at just ten years old. The brave general of the Papal Armies that once held the mad Duke Visconti of Milan in check. The generous patron to whom countless works of art were dedicated. The wise statesman who assembled such a court that it was envied from Roma to Venezia. The Marquis is dead, and the whole of Ferrara mourns.

And one of you murdered him.

Giovanni inksDetails

This is a GMless role-playing game about passion, politics and murder in early Renaissance Italy.

In addition to printed playsheets and the book, it requires 4-6 players, 2-4 hours of playtime and some tokens.coverside

Players will assume the role of noble signori of the city of Ferrara who, along with their vassals and allies, will struggle against each other for control of the city and to fulfil the rash promises they have made and inadvertently reveal the sordid secrets of their pasts.


The character sheets and other play sheets can be downloaded by clicking here.

Purchasing Information

You can get a PDF and/or print version of the game here.

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