… Desperate to maintain his immortality, a captain in the imperial
army ventures deep into the uncharted jungle searching for the fabled
Amulet of Blood!

Intrepid is a storytelling game for 3–5 players.

You and your friends will collaborate to tell the epic stories of characters braving quests filled with glory and adventure.

Explore a fantasy world drawn straight from your imaginations during play! Take control of characters within that world and create it around them as you experience their loves and losses, failures and triumphs.

… An old woman, wise but frail, struggles through the blizzards of
Eversnow Peak to find a power stolen from her!

The game contains complete instructions for how you and your friends can explore a fantasy world drawn from your imaginations; both in one-shot sessions that last a few hours and longer campaign games that take multiple sessions.

… A young water spirit looks on in horror at the smoking ruins
that used to be her home, her mind filled with thoughts of death and vengeance!

The print book is a neat saddle-stitched digest with 52 black-and-white illustrated pages.

The digital offering is a 52pp PDF designed for screen viewing. Available soon.

You can order the print book directly. The book costs £10, plus P&P.

UK +£1.20 P&P EU +£3.50 P&P North America +£4.50 P&P
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4 thoughts on “Intrepid

  1. I’ve heard great things about Quest, and I’d like to check out the new iteration.
    How can I make sure I don’t miss the release – is there a Twitter or Google+ account I can follow?

    • Following this blog is the best place for news, although maybe I should start doing things on Google Plus.

      …and with that in mind I’ve created a UKRP Design Collective Google+ page. No idea how to link it though, it should be searchable.

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