“Forty hours have passed since my last broadcast. I don’t know whether this will get through, just as I have no idea whether my last broadcast got through. But this is me, still alive, updating you all on what’s going on in Zeniak,”

“Before all communications went down, the last thing I heard was that Molsavia was dousing this place with some biological agent that’s called Frostbite. Nobody is really sure what it does. The phrase ‘icicles within your brain’ is the first thing I found. Things about violence and delusions were all I could read before everything went down. So I can imagine that the population of Zeniak is currently going crazy. It would explain the screaming, I guess.”

“I am so not going upstairs. I’ll stay holed up here for as long as I can with the door locked, hoping that this thing will pass. I’m… I’m fucking afraid. I’ve put this connector in a loop; it’ll keep trying to connect to the outside world until it finds a way through to the netlink. And hopefully there’s some way that it’ll show up on my log. And maybe you guys will see this. I love you. I miss you.”

“Oh, and President Sandaran? Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you with a wooden spoon.”


This is the first game to use the Sanctuary engine from Damwain Games. Sanctuary is a system for telling survival stories over short campaigns, especially concentrating on the relationships within a group of survivors.

Frostbite is a post-cyberpunk outbreak survival horror setting by Dutch Sci-Fi author Kelly van der Laan. The city state of Zeniak has been bombed by the Molsavians, with the biological agent Frostbite, it causes people to become singularly obsessed with strong emotions such as rage, love, hate, grief, fear or sadness.

The game is for 2-6 players designed to play out in 3-5 sessions and follows the stories of the survivors as they struggle to escape from Zeniak to the safety of Levinski. The obstacles will come in the form of the frostbitten in the streets, the lack of resources on hand to make it, their own self doubt, and even treachery within the group.


Frostbite is currently in the late internal playtesting stage, I expect ashcan copies to available some time in early 2016 and a final release sometime in late 2014.  The generic version of the Sanctuary engine will be made available on a Pay What You Want basis at around the same time. There is a cut down experimental version of the Sanctuary Enging that fits on a pocket mod available here.

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