Intrepid – Post Mortem

Now that Intrepid is done and been on sale for about 3 weeks I feel like it is worthwhile looking back over how it all went, from start to finish, so this post is kind of long.

Intrepid started out being called Quest and it came as a direct result of me finally saying goodbye to GM’d games, including D&D. There have been plenty of games harking back to old school D&D but my ‘golden-era’ was in the 90s; when TSR were cranking out large elaborate campaign settings like Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Dark Sun and Planescape: adventuring was part heroic quest and part magical mystery tour.

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Return from Indiecon (and the UKRPDC stall)!

Behold, t2013 - 1he UKRPDC stall at Indiecon!

From left to right we have:

+Tim Gray of Silver Branch Games, giving us his unique take on traditional fantasy with Jaws of the Six Serpents and Albion.

+Leo Marshall of indyhippo, bringing to us some cosmic frat boy partying in Sci-Fi Beta Kappa.

and of course, the inestimable +Ashley Griffiths of Damwain games, with uplifting games such as What You Wish For and Faed Away (all money from which was donated to Autistica). Continue reading

Intrepid: The Rebellion Playtest

The new name for Quest – ‘Intrepid! A Storytelling Adventure’ – is now decided upon so I can get on with writing about it.

Intrepid took shape over 2 years of playtesting and iterating on the original idea. But once the rules were done and I’d stopped fiddling the real work on writing began. Along with Indie Pete as editor, I wrote down and developed a version of the rules that we were pretty happy with and at this time I ran one last playtest, not of the game mechanics but of the book itself…

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