indyhippo design lab

Hi all. I’ve set up a community to workshop my games in the full glare of the G+ spotlight, and I’d like to invite folks to join me there, especially those who are also producing their own games (although I’m happy to hear from anyone interested in RPG design in general). Please join me in my design lab to kick ideas around, and generally chat games and gaming. Link here.

Sci-Fi Beta Kappa is here- Yay!!

Yep, we’ve finally got it published. It debuted at Indiecon this year, where several playtesters from the previous year came back to play it again, so it’s slowly but surely building up a following. This is what the cover looks like. I’m having difficulties uploading the files to lulu and onebookshelf atm, so if folks are interested in purchasing , for now I’m shipping copies out direct. Here are the postage-inclusive prices.

2 GM or not 2 GM

This thread on RPGGeek got me thinking: why don’t some people want to GM? To help me get to grips with this problem- and it clearly is a problem, as there are folks out there (I don’t think Pete’s the only one) resorting to running games they want to play because no-one else will- I’d like to pose the following questions to the Collective:

  1. What made you start GMing?
  2. What do you think stops a lot of folks from GMing?
  3. Do you think GMing a game helps one to get more of a handle on that game?
  4. Do you think GMing experience is a pre-requisite for becoming a game designer?