Fudge – Expanded Situational Roll

One of the GM tools in Fudge is the Situational Roll. This a way to randomly determine aspects of a situation that aren’t based on any character or haven’t been already established by the fiction like “Is it raining?” or “Is there a gas station nearby?”. It all there in the Fudge SRD if anyone is interest.

The following expands on the concept, taking into account the of the event likelihood of the event while still leaving it to chance. After all. the odds to the question “Is it raining?” being “yes” might vary depending if the setting is Seattle or Dubai.

The way this is done is by arranging a set of probabilities as if they were Fudge ranks as in the table below.













To make a situational roll, make a quick judgement on the base likelihood, roll 4dF and the result to the chosen likelihood. If the result is Possible or better (Green) the answer is “yes”, otherwise it is “no”.

So for instance, if a player asked “Is there a gas station nearby?”, the GM might mike an initial judgement that it is Doubtful. The GM roll 4dF and gets +1 which is enough to turn Doubtful into Possible. The player character is in luck!

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