Cyberblues City – A Glimpse of the Cover

For no particular reason other than perhaps it’s Friday I decided to show off the cover for Cyberblues City.

“Show off” might be a strong term. A better way perhaps to put it would be to say that I am satisfied this cover is just about the best I can do. Some days that’s enough.

Especially on a Friday.

Cyberblues City should be out soon!


Cyberblues City – From Idea to Realisation

Cyberblues City is just about finished. All I am doing now is just tweaking a bit the wording here and there, focusing on the tone. The artwork and playtesting is all behind me now and I am really quite excited and proud.

I had a vision of what Cyberblues City should be like long before it even had a title. I’m happy to say 8 months later I have stuck with that vision. cbc04

I wanted the game to harness all the best features of Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wasteland but be simpler, leaving out those things that were still a little bit confusing or seldom used in practice. I was initially aiming for about 12 pages. It turned out to be more like 36. That is still just ⅓ of BHAW’s page count. More to the point all of what is contained in those 36 pages does get used in play.

I was aiming for a very specific tone in the writing, laconic but with humour. The writing assumes this is not the reader’s first rodeo which helps maintain a brisk writing style and makes it a better reference book. That’s the bit I still working on, but that tone is there.

cbc07I wanted to write a cyperpunk game that didn’t take itself too seriously and wasn’t too wrapped up in 80s aesthetics. Hence cyberpunk became cyberblues. The increase in inequality and roll back on civil liberties we’ve witnessed in the last decade were clearly an inspiration but I didn’t want to get all preachy about it.

And finally I wanted to do something different with the artwork. I’m no artists. The cartoon characters of Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands are pretty much all I know how to do. So doing “different” was always going to be a challenge. But I quite pleased with the results. I think they fit the text very well. There are some examples on this page.

So all in all, I’ve met my initial goals, it plays really well and some of the jokes are very funny. All things being equal I think the pdf should be ready for release in the next few weeks. Afterwards I’ll probably and get a few copies printed for private use and to give to my play testers. As with BHAW it will be a free download. As far as I am concerned work is work, hobbies are hobbies and mixing the two would just mess with my head.