The Many Forms of Cross-Promotion

For thematic reasons I’ve told my backers on my current Kickstarter to come over here if they want to read about cross-promotion.

As usual for my posts, this is inspired by a Kickstarter experience (a conversation with Jessica Feinberg about her Clockwork Dragons project) but the principle is much older than online crowdfunding.

Cross-Promotion is, at its base, a simple trade: I’ll advertise you if you advertise me. But to use it effectively requires more finesse than that. I’ll start by talking about two rules of cross-promotion, and then go into more detail of some different types I’ve seen and used.


Rule One to keep in mind is that cross-promotion, like any form of promotion, is only useful if your audiences actually overlap. There’s no point promoting a Kansas estate agent on a UK blog, nor advertising your fox-hunting service on an animal welfare site.

Rule Two with cross-promotion, and one that doesn’t apply to regular advertising, is that you should choose a high quality partner; don’t just check if someone is in the right genre and immediately agree to cross promote. Remember that you are telling your customers/followers/fans that the product you’re promoting is good; and in doing so you are putting their support on the line. If you repeatedly point your followers at substandard products they will start to associate you with that lack of quality, and you will lose their trust.


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