The Mad Max Effect

Must have been about a month ago when it occurred to me that with a new Mad Max movie coming out it would make sense to put out something new for Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands to promote the game and ride the post-apocalyptic hype the movie was likely to generate. I chose not to as my head was on a different project (Cyberblues City) and the only thing for BHAW that I had ready in a state close enough to was an adventure that wasn’t all that Mad Maxy.

In hindsight I’m glad. BHAW has pretty decent vehicle combat rules. I’d happily play the previous Mad Max movies with those rules. Mad Max Fury Road however takes things to a whole new level. There is such imagination and loving attention to detail in Fury Road’s vehicle mods and weaponry it makes BHAW road combat look rather tame.

Still even without any new promotion BHAW is clearly enjoying the Mad Max Effect. Downloads of BHAW have picked up significantly since the movie was released. Nothing crazy, we’re just talking a couple of downloads per day, every day over the last week or so, but I figure for small game that has been out now for well over a year that’s pretty good going.

But the real moral is this: if you haven’t already, go see Mad Max Fury Road on the big screen. You won’t regret it.