Merry Christmas from the UKRPDC

Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wasteland style season greetings to all our friends, customers and fellow roleplayers from the UKRP Design Collective.


The painting this is based on is Bruegel the Elder’s stunning “Hunters in the Snow” (here it is for reference From “Hunters in the Snow” to “Bounty Hunters in the Snow” is a small leap if you are wired like me!

BHAW – Night of the Atomic Snowmen

Night of the Atomic Snowmen is free adventure for Bounty Hunter of the Atomic Wastelands with a slight holiday season twist. While on the trail of the infamous Townsend gang the Bounty Hunters get caught up in a strange tale of greed, revenge and atomic snowmen.

Get Night of the Atomic Snowmen (pdf) here:

And, if you haven’t already, grab a copy of Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands here:

The PODfather part two.

As an update to my “PODfather” article, I have some information I want to draw to your attention.   One of the POD companies I referred to in the article was Amazon’s own “Createspace” Print on demand company. I found them easy to use and your books go straight onto Amazon.

At the time I pointed out an irritating anomaly where – though they have the facility to print books overnight in this country – PROOF copies have to be ordered from America resulting in months of delay or prohibitive express delivery charges.  It turns out that this isn’t their only anglophobic practice.

Firstly, in line with Amazon policy, if you want to talk to their customer services directly, you leave a number and they ring you back. This is free to customers in America and Canada but chargeable to anyone outside the US. The level of charging is unspecified. So if you have an issue to raise with them directly – it’ll cost you.

Also, they require you to give your tax details to them so they can pass them on to the American IRS or they refuse to pay you your royalties. They demand this information even if you only sell your books through Amazon UK and choose not to use any US distribution.

Because of these three things – and their rather dismissive attitude when they are raised with customer services – I’ve severed my relationship with Createspace and would no longer recommend that anyone outside the United States and Canada makes use of this service.

My books are not currently available on Amazon. When I get time, I’ll recreate them using Lulu.