Intrepid Spinoffs

London 2051 is in a state where it needs a bit more playtesting and then I can release it as a free pamphlet. I had plans for making it bigger but they just aren’t needed.

So I’m looking to my next project, and I think I’ve found some fun directions I could build upon Intrepid. Intrepid is very much heroic fantasy even if the rules look like they could support any setting, that world ends up being filled with heroes on quests.

But we could take the same core idea, building worlds as you go with rules that encourage them in the right direction, and apply it to other types of fiction, although as you’ll see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (both in terms of rules and the types of setting).


It’s hard not to stand on a UKRPDC and see peoples enthusiasm for superheroes and not feel like I could tap into that myself. My own love for comics ranges from the mid 90s to present day, so while it may eb sensible, I’m not interested in silver age nostalgia.

Instead I have in mind an evolving continuity, where you have multiple heroes (characters) and teams (factions) resolve some plots (quests, probably integrated with characters/teams) that lead up to a big crossover event that wipes the relationship map (no need for a geographical one) clean and you start again, bringing those bits forwards that you like as you need them.

Very much focusing on evolving relationships between heroes/villains. I also have ideas for time travel and alternative realities which is pretty much required. Also crossroads should be replaced with a system for talking out your differences while hurling tanks at one another.

Space Opera

Obviously this for Star Trek/Firefly/BSG/B5/etc. style settings.

You have a persistent core of a ship and characters, then a more episodic structure as you flesh out this week’s corner of the galaxy and play with it. Probably have a much looser idea about what goes on the maps, so you can integrate doodles and major events and make it a more vibrant record of your adventures but anything more permanent goes on the ship map.

Cyberpunk City

Kind of expanding on the ideas in London 2051, you have a city map, evil corporations and downtrodden protagonists. Quests become corporate agenda which the characters get wrapped up in. Mechanically it would flip the proactive protagonists of Intrepid on their head.

I’m still enamoured by Shadowrun though, so I can’t shake the feeling any cyberpunk game I write should be able to support a heist.

Alternative Histories

Inspired by this map of Napoleon’s fateful march into Russia

Possibly by favourite idea of the moment, it’s more one-shot/con focused and would need a series of maps that integrate physical and timeline features. So you take historical events and then amend them in play, playing with the same core idea but putting your own spin on it: Maybe Russia is a nation of Tzarist Elves and Napoleon’s engineers have invented steampunk tech, or play on the same map but instead Rome never fell and they are marching against the Mongols.

I’m not sure on the range of maps that could be made though, military campaigns are easy, as are mass migrations and explorer’s  journeys (there are some interesting Chinese explorers you could map the journeys of). I also though a series killer’s rampage could make for a good map. I’d probably want at least one more type of map and then have 1-3 of each to play with.


I’d be very interested in questions/suggestions as I’m still very much brainstorming ideas.