All feedback is good?

So I publish Squadron UK and happily sit back and bask in my five star reviews on Amazon:

I have been role-playing for 25+ years and i have played a host of Superhero games and can honestly say this is the best……….with its fast character creation, it makes for truly addictive play.


The British RPG has been revitalised. Character creation is straight forward. Rules are easy to understand. It’s fun to run and play. Best of all it has the comic book feel.

Then I think – “I wonder if they use the same reviews in the US?”

So I log on the the American Amazon site….

The writing has a british flavor to it but it is quite an enjoyable read……..the adventure/campaign in this book is quite good…….If you want a game that is fast to start and you are flexible then this may be your cup of tea.

Only THREE stars! How DARE he!

Then comes the coup de grace:

I have a hard time believing the writer’s native language is English, much less that he is from England. The poor writing is so extreme that this game is nearly unreadable. Barely made it through. The artwork is very bad. I was hoping to enjoy this game but the system is very clunky…..Awful.

What am I supposed to do with THAT!?

If you think about it, the first two reviews serve one purpose. People see the five stars and stop to take a look. So they make me money. But they don’t help me improve.

The last one – even if I vehemently disapprove of it – makes me stop and think.

It was too late to rewrite (save) Squadron: X but for my next project I’m constantly thinking about how easy it is to read, use, access the book as I put it together. To be honest it made me so mad, a lot of what I do now is with an “I’ll show HIM” attitude that is probably making me use a bit more thought and care and turning me into a better writer.

So all feedback IS good.

(Bloody hurts to read it though…..)


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