Intrepid Sale

Just a quick plug…

Intrepid (and a lot of other games) are on sale for 1/2 price over at RPGNow.

To align with this I’ve put the physical book on sale for half price as well, here, which will last for the same duration.

Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands

Murdering gangs of mutants, outlaw desperados and crazed cyborg warlords; the Atomic Wastelands is home to the toughest, meanest, downright dangerous varmints the world’s ever seen.
You should know, you’re the guy who hunts them down.

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Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands is a fast-paced, action-adventure roleplaying game in which the players take on the role of Bounty Hunters, banding together to hunt down bad guys for reputation and reward. It’s B-movie sci-fi meets spaghetti western, where drifters and gunslingers rub shoulders with killer robots, atomic horrors and deranged mutant supremacists.

Inside BHAW you’ll find…

  • Fast character creation rules using Backgrounds like Gunslinger, Psycher,  Genius and Cyborg
  • Over 40 unique Stunts like Rad Screen, Psychic Storm and Think!
  • Time-saving GM tools like The Critter Pool
  • Rules for vehicle combat
  • A ready-to-go campaign with out-of-the-box bounties to collect

BHAW uses a much-abridged version of the award-winning Fate system, tailored to make the system easy to learn and fast to play.

You may also want to check out the Critter Pool Machine to use with BHAW.