Kiwi Design-ing into the new year…

Just a quick update on my plans for the new year.

Intrepid is probably going to be put up on RPGNow as POD, as I have less than 30 copies left,  it just needs a bit of work on the layout. I’m also hoping to reintroduce the setting cards,  based on Ash’s rather nice cards that made it into the back of the book at the last minute.

London 2051 is looking like it may become a game in 3 parts… a conspiracy scenario,  a heist scenario and something else,  all based on the same narration/movement/scene type rules. Play testing for the conspiracy part has been going well,  it just needs a decent ending.

I’m toying with giving Honour by Day (my treacherous knights game, written for Game Chef) a similar treatment,  we’ll see how the first set goes. I also got Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective for Christmas,  which is giving me ideas, nothing concrete yet.

Finally I really need to put in some more work on the UKRPDC website,  something to let potential customers see what games are available easily.

So, looks like I’ll be busy.

EDIT: The Android WordPress app does a rubbish job of formatting posts 😦


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