Return from Indiecon (and the UKRPDC stall)!

Behold, t2013 - 1he UKRPDC stall at Indiecon!

From left to right we have:

+Tim Gray of Silver Branch Games, giving us his unique take on traditional fantasy with Jaws of the Six Serpents and Albion.

+Leo Marshall of indyhippo, bringing to us some cosmic frat boy partying in Sci-Fi Beta Kappa.

and of course, the inestimable +Ashley Griffiths of Damwain games, with uplifting games such as What You Wish For and Faed Away (all money from which was donated to Autistica).

Not pictured we had:
+John Keyworth of Kiwi Design, who helps us build worlds in Intrepid (which sold like hot-cakes)!

Simon Paul Burley – With his nostalgic re-release of the Squadron UK books, bringing some 4-colour colour to the table!

John Dodd – Working on Quest!

and, of course, Pompey Crew Design made up of Kevin ‘Toad’ Barthaud and Richard ‘oreso’ Lacy. Selling both Witch and advanced copies of the Marquis of Ferrara!

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