Avoiding Level Slip

I’m lucky to have friends who will read my text, and even luckier that they’re pretty brutal with their feedback. At least, after a bit of coaxing… in our last reading session, they danced around the issue with a few positive remarks about fairly innocuous details, which meant that the feedback for the text as a whole was going to be less than positive. Eventually, I just asked them to give it to me straight, like a pear cider made from 100% pears.

“What you have here… is level slip.”

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The PODfather

The recent post about the story of Intrepid to print made me think. I sometimes assume that as we’re all designers and publishers we all know all we need about the subject. I’ve self published stuff but I still learnt from John’s experiences.

So here are some of mine:

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BHAW – The Critter Pool Machine

I talked about Critters and the Critter Pool in a previous blog entry. But as awesome as the Critter Pool is, one may not always have 40-50 multi-coloured six sided dice with which to play. This is where the The Critter Pool Machine comes handy.

The Critter Pool Machine is a little browser-based application that can create random encounters for Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands with nothing more than a click. It looks something like this:


The encounters are scaled to the number of Bounty Hunters. For a normal encounter you can expect a critter for each Bounty Hunter though there could be a few more or a few less. The Easy and Hard options further skews the odds towards fewer or more critters respectively.

As for the critters themselves, you can choose which you want from the list of 25, let the application choose randomly of just enter your own critter name and description. That’s about all there is to it.

Oh, one last thing, here is the link to the Critter Pool Machine itself. Enjoy!

Intrepid – Post Mortem

Now that Intrepid is done and been on sale for about 3 weeks I feel like it is worthwhile looking back over how it all went, from start to finish, so this post is kind of long.

Intrepid started out being called Quest and it came as a direct result of me finally saying goodbye to GM’d games, including D&D. There have been plenty of games harking back to old school D&D but my ‘golden-era’ was in the 90s; when TSR were cranking out large elaborate campaign settings like Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Dark Sun and Planescape: adventuring was part heroic quest and part magical mystery tour.

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The Last Days of a Kickstarter

The last days of a Kickstarter are not as important as the first few; but they are still a big part of the process. I haven’t talked about the first days yet, so this is a bit weird for me, writing things in the wrong order.

Still, the process of the last days is currently foremost in my mind, as Location Cards have only a day left; and explaining things often makes me understand them better.

So, what do the final days involve? Well, much of it depends on how you’re going about them, but one thing is always certain: You will get a surge in backing, as people can no longer put off making a decision.

And you need to feed that as best you can…

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Sci-Fi Beta Kappa is here- Yay!!

Yep, we’ve finally got it published. It debuted at Indiecon this year, where several playtesters from the previous year came back to play it again, so it’s slowly but surely building up a following. This is what the cover looks like. I’m having difficulties uploading the files to lulu and onebookshelf atm, so if folks are interested in purchasing , for now I’m shipping copies out direct. Here are the postage-inclusive prices.

How long is a piece of string?

I’ve had a couple of experiences recently that a tie into the same theme. Just when is the writing of a game or supplement “finished” and ready for release?

1) I have a collaborator who’s working on tying ALL the old Golden Heroes scenarios into one magnum opus for Squadron UK. Brilliant work so far. He recently asked me when I stop writing and start preparing a product for printing. I didn’t have an answer for him.
2) I’ve been struggling to finish a product for years. Squadron: X, my X files to Avengers campaign pack. (I actually wrote the first draft years before the Avengers movie came out but now if feels like my product is a rip off. Superheroes vs. alien invasion? At least I’ve got zombies in mine.)

Marquis of Ferrara released!

coverside Following the success of Witch and a fantastic Indiecon, the Pompey Crew is finally ready to release our new game, the Marquis of Ferrara, for the benefit of all noble signori!

So, if your heart soars at the prospect of engaging in the passionate politics and murder of Renaissance Italy then grab the game here today!

In addition to the print copy, the electronic version contains both a PDF and an EPUB of the game, for eBook and tablet users!

Any comments or questions? Just throw up a comment!

Return from Indiecon (and the UKRPDC stall)!

Behold, t2013 - 1he UKRPDC stall at Indiecon!

From left to right we have:

+Tim Gray of Silver Branch Games, giving us his unique take on traditional fantasy with Jaws of the Six Serpents and Albion.

+Leo Marshall of indyhippo, bringing to us some cosmic frat boy partying in Sci-Fi Beta Kappa.

and of course, the inestimable +Ashley Griffiths of Damwain games, with uplifting games such as What You Wish For and Faed Away (all money from which was donated to Autistica). Continue reading

Greetings from a crowdfunding project creator

Hi, I’m Ste C, and I’m new here; so I figure I’d best introduce myself and what I know about.

My knowledge of game design is somewhat fractured, being derived from a rather disconnected set of experiences, and ultimately it’s limited: I’ve never completed anything more complicated than a casual card game. While it’s a passion, it’s not a field of expertise.

What I have a better understanding of is Crowdfunding. While still limited, my knowledge is formed from practical experience, and is therefore (in my mind at least) a more useful thing to share.

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