BHAW as a Western


The Wild West is one of the big inspirations behind Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands. Mostly the Western helps provide a unified, consistent look and feel to the Atomic Wastelands setting. It acts as a short hand to describe the attitudes of the common folk and convey how the more mundane, everyday life stuff works. The better the players grasp how the world works, the easier it is for them to interact with it.

The Western tone can be easily evoked by using appropriate terminology such as saying saloon instead of bar or tavern or sheriff instead of the police. Of course you still want to mix it up with post-apocalyptic touches like  the guy on the piano in the saloon playing some Led Zepplin or Bon Jovi song, or maybe just the theme from the Simpsons.

And of course the Wild West of popular fiction is the ideal place for Bounty Hunters. It’s the classic setting in which the law falls short and where a few men with guns can make a difference.


2 thoughts on “BHAW as a Western

  1. The Wild West analogy actually works for almost all roleplaying games. Who hasn’t run or played in a “Magnificent Seven” D&D scenario? Native Americans as Orcs, wagon trains as caravans, forts as castles, saloons as taverns.

  2. No doubt the Western is a huge influence and many, many game. Considering how the popularity Western genre has been in decline for decades, roughly for as long as our hobby has been in existence, it still casts a huge shadow on popular fiction. It’s as iconic and fundamental as the class Greek myths.

    Nonetheless while many game may borrow the structure and themes of the Western, BHAW also takes on the trappings. That is really what I was referring to.

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