War Alpha

Feeling good about my progress with War Stories at the moment. I was getting tied up with layout and flavour when I didn’t actually have the core mechanics nailed down. I set to writing up a skeletal rules document this weekend. Having it bare bones helped me to see a few things that were obscured before. I’m now confident of where I’m headed and how to get there.

Recent revelations?

  • It’s a class and level game, but the classes are pretty much pre picked packages, and there’s only three levels.Combat can be folded into a d20 skills structure easily. It solves a bunch of mechanical legwork.

    I can live without personal armour (and pretty much have to in the WW2 genre) but need to find a way to deal with vehicular armour.

    Hit points is a great pacing mechanic, and I’m using it for morale and luck too.

    Squad rules mean I can finally stop fudging group rolls. Nice.

So, getting close to first playtests. Still need to hammer out some content, and a few more things, but otherwise a big leap forward.


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