Knee Deep to date

Really gratified (and somewhat surprised) to see that my Adventure Environment for 13th Age has been downloaded nearly 600 times since release early this year. Given that I got it out there six months before the game itself became publicly available, I’m kind of expecting it to keep going now a wider audience is there.

Obligatory link.

Now, it is free, and under the fair use/fan policy I’m going to keep it that way, but I wonder how many I would have shifted if I had charged for it? My guess is that I’d lose 80% of that number if I’d charged even a pound. On a Pay What You Want basis? Who knows.


3 thoughts on “Knee Deep to date

    • People are more than happy to browse. Downloading something to your hard drive is often no more than that. Imagine if publishers counted it as a sale every time someone flicked through the book in a store?
      Well, you know what I mean.
      I think any price at all is a barrier, that’s common sense, though I do think charging a nominal amount is perhaps only as off putting as charging a fiver. Those pay what you want projects seem to back up my guesses.

      • Yeah I hear you, but you might want to check with Ash Griffiths and Neil Gow about WYWF and ERA, as they’ve both decided to go down that route with those games. I remember when Radiohead started doing PWYW, they found that the average payment was what they probably would have charged for the CD. However I guess RPGs operate in a slightly different market.

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