War Stories

My game is called War Stories for now. Only because I can’t think of anything that alliterates with Sten guns. It’s a straight ahead WW2 game, with the rather unique twist in that it contains absolutely no zombies at all.

The central conceit is this. D&D came from Chainmail, a fantasy miniatures wargame. D&D is (still) essentially a wargame at it’s heart, but with all the cool RP stuff layered on top of that. It has people who fight, people who are skilled, people who support, and people who control the situation.

Take all that, and apply it to a real war. NCOs are like clerics, Officers are the wizards, Special Ops are the rogues. Etc.

Colour it all in with Boys Stories stuff from the same decade of D&D’s genesis, the comics like Commando, Battle, Victor and Warlord. Sprinkle on some cinema like Kellys Heroes and Where Eagles Dare.

Hey, everyone else has copy/pasted their house ruled version of D&D and called themselves a designer, why shouldn’t I? 🙂


2 thoughts on “War Stories

  1. Sten Gun Stories?

    Also, I believe if the last year or two’s games are anything to go by, there is nothing wrong with a good hack.

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