I remain…

I’m Baz Stevens. I go by the name Baz King on the internet. It’s an old story, ask me about it at a Con.

I’ve been roleplaying since the first big flush of D&D in the late 70s, and have been the GM pretty much since then. There aren’t many games I haven’t owned or played in that time.

I started getting published in White Dwarf way back when, and really got my writing chops in when Valkyrie was in it’s pomp. I was a columnist, writer and staff reviewer for them. I also spent nearly 10 years working within the management of Games Workshop. Playtest credits include Savage Worlds, D&D and plenty of small press stuff like Era. I also wrote for RPGnet for a while, until I started up my own blog and got to grips with making up content just for me really. Every time I put something out there, the response has been positive, so I do more. Attention whore.

These days I write a regular column on UK Roleplayers, and poke my nose in other people’s gaming business at will.

My character sheet would include writing, reviewing, business, planning, project management, playtesting and issuing reality cheques as apex skills. Secondary skills include art, fiction, contacts, marketing and promotion.


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