BHAW – Domino

dominoThe last in our quick tour of Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wasteland characters is Domino. Domino is a Genius. The Genius Origin is something I am particularly fond of.  In what is essentially a simple, action oriented game the Genius is my attempt to put the smart, nerdy guy on an equal footing with the jock without going the Gandalf route. As there are a whole more smart, nerdy guys than there are jocks among roleplayers, this seems a worthy cause.
Domino has a lot of cool Stunts appropriate to a Genius. She’s got the signature Genius Stunts Think! which allows the character to occasionally use Thinking in place of any other Trait.  She also has Engineering, a Stunt that allows the character to improve equipment, mostly weapons and vehicles which is particularly valuable given the way equipment quickly deteriorates in BHAW (more on that in a future blog).  Finally she has the psionic attack Jinx and her own personal army of frogs at her command (army conveniently being the collective term for frogs). The frog Stunt is something that she acquired in play.

Domino’s Aspects require a little explaining. Among the movers and shakers of the Atomic Wastelands are a collection of mad scientists, evil geniuses and masterminds. These are the guys that will create the giant, rampaging radioactive armadillo or recruit an army of cyborg assassins. In our campaign we used the term “wizard” to collectively identify these individuals. I’ll talk about these “wizards” in a future blog as they are an essential part of BHAW but for the time being bear in mind in the context of BHAW “wizards” are about (bad) science and not magic.

What most of Domino’s Aspect are really capturing is the notion that the character is a wizard in the making. Bounty hunting is just a job for her, something to pay the bills while she waits for her big break to make it as a wizard in her own right. Who knows one day she might feature on her very own “Wanted” poster.

Name: Domino
Origin: Genius
Thinking: GREAT
Fighting: FAIR
Shooting: MEDIOCRE
Reflexes: FAIR
Toughness: FAIR
Cool: FAIR
Wannabe Wizard
Nineteen Forever
I have a conscience but I’m working on that.
Benefactor of the People
Animal Companion (army of frogs)

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