Marquis of Ferrara proof copy GET!


ZOMG! It’s a book!

So I have the proof copy of the Marquis of Ferrara! Here it is!

We’re using (the same company we used to print Witch). The book seems solidly bound and everything’s crisp and clear. Great!

The Cover

But what is this?! Some white space down one side?! Uh oh! I forgot to send them a PDF of the cover with Bleed on it. While the book is A5, the cover is not the size of two A5 sheets! We need some extra space around the page to cover the size of the spine, and a little extra wiggle room for when it’s trimmed. This is about 10mm of white space, so a 6mm Bleed on the sides and 3mm on the top and bottom should cover it.

Sad face! There's a white bit on my cover!

Sad face! There’s a white bit on my cover!

I want to make some other changes to the cover too. It’s little darker than I want, and that’s probably due to my monitor settings being a little bright, I’ll just make it a little brighter to compensate. And I want to reduce the font size a little.

The Interior


Lorenzo has no neck! Also… there’s whole lines of text missing!

Gah… I had expected the printers to add ‘creep’ when they printed to add some extra space at the spine to accommodate the wasted paper when you bind it. That was a bad assumption on my part! I’ve added 3mm Bleed to the inside to compensate, so that now there shouldn’t be any lost text or bits of picture.

I’ve made a couple of other changes too; the biggest is deleting the decoration down the inside of each page. Thanks to the above problem, it doesn’t look good when printed and crammed in the spine of the book, and although the added Bleed will help, it’s still unnecessary clutter on the page. Simpler to ditch it!


City ofFerrara?! Where’s my space gone!?

What now?

I’ll talk with the printer about those changes and see what they think, and hope I can get it printed up soon!

Meanwhile, I’m also working on an interactive screen version of the PDF (clickable links!) and maybe an epub version, so we’ll see how that goes.


10 thoughts on “Marquis of Ferrara proof copy GET!

  1. I think I want an Indiecon release. I’ll do some pre-orders maybe a week in advance, but nothing delivered before then. I’m not in the country at the moment, so it’d be nice to release when I am (if nothing else so I can help Kevin with the grunt work).

    I would certainly be up for distributing some copies to Indiemeet after that though, for anyone who couldn’t get hold of them.

    • I’d love to, but…

      My understanding is that *.epub is the more widely supported non-proprietary format, and it also happens to be the only mobile device format that InDesign natively even half supports.

      So unless anyone has an easy method of converting stuff, I’m not saying never, but I’d need help with that if people wanted it in other formats.

  2. I saw on a forum recently that ePUB now works for Kindle too. Is that not the case then? Or does it work, but at a res that makes for low readability? And what about Barnes and Noble’s Nook? Is that compatible with either or both, or has it been largely superseded by them?

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