BHAW – Preston York

prestonThe character I wish to talk about today is Preston York. His Origin is Waster which is effectively the non-Origin. The Waster Origin makes no assumptions about the character type. In the case of Mr York the Waster Origin was used as basis to created charismatic leader style character but you can build anything using the Waster Origin as a starting point.

According to his back story, Preston York once was the crooked mayor of Rubens, the Atomic Wastelands’ equivalent of Vegas. He was overthrown and replaced by an even more crooked mayor, hence the Aspect ‘Baggage in Rubens’. The exact details of mayor York’s fall from grace were never fully explained in game but nonetheless provided a lot of background colour and a fertile ground for Aspect invokes and compels .

There are a couple more things I want to point out about this character. Note how Preston PSI score is GOOD. Although Preston has no mutant powers of his own, a high PSI score is still worth having because it makes a character more resistant against psionic attacks. Of course another player might have chosen to take his chances with a lower PSI score to boost Reflexes instead.

Note also the Stunt called ‘Signature Weapon’. None of the other characters I’ve featured in this blog so far have any equipment listed on their character sheets. This is because in BHAW equipment you own does not last, it comes and goes (more in a future blog). The only way to properly hang on to a weapon indefinitely is via this Stunt.

Name: Preston York
Origin: Waster
Thinking: GREAT
Fighting: MEDIOCRE
Shooting: GOOD
Reflexes: FAIR
Toughness: FAIR

Aura of Authority
No retreat, no surrender
Baggage in Rubens

Signature Weapon: GOOD shotgun
Expertise Law & Politics


2 thoughts on “BHAW – Preston York

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  2. Hi,

    Preston York was the character I created and played. A couple of things I would add are:

    I tend not to go into a game with a fully formed background, I prefer to see where the game takes me and use in game hooks to flesh out details. The waster origin was perfect for this. I knew I wanted to play a politician type in the setting, strong willed, smart in appearance as well as intellect, talking his way out of problems rather then shooting. Character gen let me get the character I wanted and the role-playing sessions helped me figure out who Preston York was.

    The aspects are all double aged swords. They also enhanced who the character was and gave role-playing hooks.. No surrender, no retreat added a stubborn streak to the character, aura of authority, fuelled his ego and baggage in Rubens made life very interesting.

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