BHAW – Ginger Shots

ginger-shotsThe lady in the picture is Ginger Shots. You met her briefly in my previous post, let’s get to know here a little better now.

Ginger Shots is a Gunslinger. As you might expect she’s absolutely deadly in a gunfight (SUPERB being the highest rank available to player characters). That is probably a good thing because Aspects like “Sees the good in everyone” and “Hates bullies” are an open invitation for trouble in the Atomic Wastelands. They are also, in Fate, terms eminently Compellable.

Her Aspects also meant that Ginger acted as the moral compass of the group. Her companions, Preston York and Domino, happened to be a lot more challenged in the general telling right from wrong department.

There are a couple of other quick points worth making with regards to Ginger’s character sheet.

While  anyone can be a GREAT at Shooting, only Gunslingers like Ginger Shots can be SUPERB at it, if they wish to. The same principle applies to all the other Origins outside of the Waster.

Ginger chose Mind Blast as one of her Stunts. This illustrates that you don’t have to be a Psycher to have some sort of psionic power.

Name: Ginger Shots
Origin: Gunslinger
Thinking: MEDIOCRE
Fighting: MEDIOCRE
Shooting: SUPERB
Reflexes: GOOD
Toughness: FAIR
Cool: FAIR


Sees the good in everyone
My body is a temple
Let’s have another pamper day!
Hates bullies

Two gun fighting
Keen Senses
Mind Blast


One thought on “BHAW – Ginger Shots

  1. Playing Ginger was such a delightful adventure! As her creator, I was drawn to her Gunslinger abilities, but the deadly machine I envisioned turned out to be equipped with an equally strong belief that there is good in everyone and that it is worth to stop and smell the roses every now and then. It’s good to see your stats on here, my good friend Ginger! Almost like being reunited for the brief moment that I took to write this! 😉

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