Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands Characters

Let me introduce you to the guys and gals from my last campaign. After all, what better way to learn about a game than by looking at some characters?

In the picture, from left to right, are the straight-laced gunslinger Ginger Shots, the disgraced ex-mayor of Rubens Preston York and mad scientist in training Domino. Just thinking about them makes me all misty-eyed. Good times.


Their respective character sheets can be found below. I’ll talk about each character in bit more detail in future posts. Most of it, I expect, should be pretty self-explanatory, especially to players familiar with Fate.

Name: Ginger Shots
Origin: Gunslinger
Thinking: MEDIOCRE
Fighting: MEDIOCRE
Shooting: SUPERB
Reflexes: GOOD
Toughness: FAIR
Cool: FAIR
Psi: GOODAspects
Sees the good in everyone
My body is a temple
Let’s have another pamper day!
Hates bulliesStunts
Two gun fighting
Keen Senses
Mind Blast
Name: Preston York
Origin: Waster
Thinking: GREAT
Fighting: MEDIOCRE
Shooting: GOOD
Reflexes: FAIR
Toughness: FAIR
Psi: GOODAspects
Aura of Authority
No retreat, no surrender
Baggage in RubensStunts
Signature Weapon: GOOD shotgun
Expertise Law & Politics
Name: Domino
Origin: Genius
Thinking: GREAT
Fighting: FAIR
Shooting: MEDIOCRE
Reflexes: FAIR
Toughness: FAIR
Cool: FAIR
Psi: GREATAspects
Wannabe Wizard
Nineteen Forever
I have a conscience but I’m working on that.
Benefactor of the PeopleStunts
Animal Companion (swarm of frogs)

The Origins (“Classes” for all you Old School folk) of course aren’t vanilla Fate. They did not feature in older versions of BHAW. But for game with simple mechanics and in which all the characters play the same role (bounty hunters) the immediate distinctiveness and niche protection provided by character classes I figured would be beneficial.

Origins also work well as a means to teach the players about the setting without, you know, teaching the players about the setting. If you can choose to play a Cyborg or a Psycher that tells you that Cyborgs and Psychers exist in the setting. Likewise calling one of the Origins Gunslinger reveals the Wild West theme that runs through BHAW.

The full list and description of the Origins can be found here.

The Stunts list may not look familiar either. All the Stunts in BHAW are original creations and, unusually, they arranged in different pools (Physical, Mental, Combat and General). Depending on a character’s Origin they get access to a different combination of Stunt pools. A few Stunts are unique to specific Origins (Think! Is only available to the Genius for instance). Splitting up Stunts into pools helps give the Origins mechanical weight.


One thought on “Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands Characters

  1. Good times indeed, PolarBlues! Ah, the joy of role-playing Ginger while walking the line between effective obliteration and showing mercy!… I miss even her refreshing incursions to the beauty salons. 😉

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