Ashley Griffiths (Games Designer plus a bit of Layout)

Who am I : Ashley Griffiths, I go by the handle NimbyDagda most places on the internet including on the UKRP forums.

How I get money to pay the bills : Dev-Op (which is kind of like a computer programmer and systems administrator all smashed into one).

How I lose the money again : I design and publish roleplaying games, ones that tend to be especially far towards the crazy hippie end of the market.

Stuff I’ve made : My first game was published a year ago and is called What You Wish For its a structured free-form game about people taking stock of their lives and striving to make them better. I am also responsible for one of the more controversial games to come out of the UK indie scene which is my game poem about a grief support group for people how have lost young children called Though Our Arms Are Empty.

What I’m working on : Currently I have 3 projects on the go, I am doing the layout for fellow UKRPDC member John Keyworth for his new game “The Game Formerly Known As Quest And Now Likely To Be Called Intrepid(tm)”.  I am also working on a collection of Structured Freeforms, both long form and poem length entitled reStructured Play.  And finally I have a generic survival horror system called Sanctuary that I am putting together with a setting from the Dutch Sci-Fi author Kelly van der Laan called Frostbite which is a cool post-cyberpunk outbreak survival horror.

What I’ll be posting about : Mostly I will be doing small updates on the progress of my projects, giving people insight into how the design process works for me, including my thoughts on design theory and what I think games are good for that other people sometimes forget.  I will probably also have the occasional random game that I throw together and make available for free on here.


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