John Keyworth (Designer)

By day, a programmer of video games, and by night, a designer of ‘hippy indie’-type roleplaying games.


I’ve been writing new roleplaying games for almost as long as I’ve been playing them, back when Rifts seemed like a good game (oh, my misspent youth). I discovered indie/story/forge-y gaming about 6 years ago and have never looked back, now firmly entrenched in the GMless structured freeform camp (if we have camps? I’m probably not as militant as that sounds).


Quest is the game I’m currently working on, a fantasy game where you create the setting as you play. In writing it I’ve discovered I’m not much of a writer, but with the work of my excellent editor (thanks Pete!) the text is finished and it’s not long till I make it into a book and sell it (Indiegogo in September, in print in November).

In addition to Quest I’ve got two other projects on the go, the first is the starts of a game called London 2053, a cyberpunk thriller, and ‘Athesia Reborn’ which is a game I’ve been running for the Essex University roleplaying society for some number of years. It occurs bi-annually and currently has around 30 players, who were all playing the same game of D&D… but for the next game in November we’re writing a completely fresh system.

Hopefully these three games will give me interesting things to say here as they progress.


6 thoughts on “John Keyworth (Designer)

  1. Plus one for that indy hippy sh*t man. I was introduced to both RPGs in general and indy hippy ones at the same time, at Indiecon 2012, and I’ve never looked back either. Rock on dude! Shake those hippy hips!!

    • Hi,
      I’d be very interested to hear how that goes.
      London 2051 (why I changed the number I don’t know) works OK as a game at the moment, but I do have a few ideas to try and spice it up a bit. I haven’t touched it in a month but hope to get back to it soon.
      wrt ‘Ken & Robin talk about stuff’ was that from Dragonmeet 2012? It’s always nice to know how people found out about the game.

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